Running analysis personalized

By improving your posture and being aware of your running technique thanks to video analysis, you will become more efficient during your sports outings.

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How Ochy works

Record a video
A short video (15 seconds) of you running (sideways)
Sending video
Send your video to the address: with the subject of the email: "need analysis"
Receive your results
Detailed analysis of your running posture and improvement exercises

What do you get

Complete race analysis

We will give you a detailed analysis of the video you sent us.

15 min call with an expert

Our expert will call you to discuss and explain your analysis in detail.

Analysis-based exercises

Based on the results of your analysis, different exercises will be proposed to help you.


Here is an example of the type of video you need to submit and the type of analysis you will get.

How to take a video for analysis

You can record the video anywhere (stadium, road, forest......) for 15 seconds with any device; just make sure it is taken from the side from head to toe.

Example of analysis

Here is an example of the type of analysis you will receive.



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